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Come and Meet us in Waters Compliance Tour

In May 2018, Factorytalk is going to participate several seminars around the SEA. These events are hosted by Waters, a multinational scientific innovator. They are going to talk about Data Integrity which is now becoming a trend among the pharmaceutical companies. If this topic caught your interest, you should not miss it.

Waters Data Integrity Seminar “Efficiency in Compliance”
Many regulated companies fear that implementing Data Integrity controls and in-depth review processes will decrease productivity for no perceived benefit, and the cost of replacing all existing non-compliant systems often prevents any major improvement in Data Integrity (DI) within an organization. In this seminar, Waters’ subject matter experts will share knowledge and techniques around compliant solutions that maintain and even improve laboratory efficiency.

Don’t forget to check the date and contact person in your country

Indonesia – Bogor8
Malaysia- Penang10
Philippines – Manila22
Thailand – Bangkok24,

In addition to four seminars above, there is one another seminar setting up in Hanoi, Vietnam. Water’s expert will talk about “Introduction to Data Integrity”. As the matter of fact, Data Integrity may seem like the latest hot topic in the Life Sciences industries, however, the GMP regulations have contained Data Integrity requirements for more than 30 years. Data Integrity is so often in the industry news simply because of the number and the severity of enforcement actions being issued on this topic by all of the leading regulatory agencies. In this seminar, Waters’ subject matter experts will introduce the requirements and expectations around data integrity and share knowledge on practical approaches to ensuring data integrity.

Location: Vietnam – Hanoi
Date: 28 May 2018

Hope to see you there!

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