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Charoen Bhaesaj Lab Co.,Ltd is one of the longest established pharmaceutical manufacturers in Thailand from their GMP certified production facility produce under their brand CBLAB. Their products serve both Thai and international markets and CB Lab has recently deployed a fully integrated and web based electronic Quality Management System to ensure their critical data and processes are handled efficiently and compliantly according to the latest international (PIC/s) GMP standards.

The intention to implement a comprehensive electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) at CBLAB is a first for a medium sized Thai pharmaceutical company and highlights a clear vision and drive by CB Lab to continuously develop its position as a quality local manufacturer of medicines and utilize modern technology to make improvements in efficiency and compliance. The project was entirely executed by Factorytalk Co., Ltd whose local team in collaboration with their software partner MasterControl completed the deployment of all the key eQMS modules.

The scope of the eQMS implementation at CB Lab ensures all the important workflows and critical data using modules for Document Control, Training Management and Quality Event Management. These core aspects are integrated together with productivity and communications features to speed the update of the international GMP requirements and simultaneously to add considerable value and cost savings to the business rather than relying on maintaining costly, inefficient and inaccurate paper based controls.

The complete solution from the initial requirements, design, test and validation services were provided as a turnkey project by Factorytalk whose extensive Pharma industry experience and IT solutions expertise ensures that the PIC/s GMP are built in and adopted across the entire organisation. The system has been in formal operation since the middle of 2015 and already large benefits have been achieved.

Mr Pittaya – General Manager, Charoen Bhaesaj Lab Co.,Ltd. decided to use an electronic Quality Management System as part of his wider corporate initiatives to the PIC/s standards. The latest GMP’s require much more additional records and controls for important Quality data and he needed to achieve these higher compliance levels without ‘redesigning the wheel’ and adding more resources only for administration efforts. The eQMS helps ensure that the things that should happen do happen, and that people have a clear guidance and view on their responsibilities and tasks in all quality aspects. There are always some challenges with implementing any new IT tool for people to change and adopt new ways of working but with a close relationship and strong support from the Factorytalk team who delivered this project.

David Margetts, Managing Director, Factorytalk Co., Ltd further explained. “it is highly important that the local Pharma industry is taking urgent steps to implement the latest GMP’s and consider to use electronic systems rather than rely on error prone and inefficient paper based controls. We are very proud to work with the full range of Pharma manufactures in SE Asia who are actively and rapidly updating to the international standards and we are particularly happy to work with the new generation of dynamic leaders such as Khun Pittaya who are driving change in all sectors of the industry. The project was entirely completed using our local Thai team who are highly experienced in applying modern tools and approaches in the Pharmaceutical industry. We believe that projects such as this are establishing the future of compliance though best in class tools that everyone can adopt and will soon be considered as milestones in the elimination of legacy practices.”

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