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[RECAP] ISPE Indonesia seminar: Facing pharma industry trends 2023 

“Facing pharma industry trends 2023”

on 23 February 2023, 8.00 – 17.00 WIB,
at Titan Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia 

The pharmaceutical sector has grown quickly in recent years, and by 2023 it is anticipated to grow further. Digital technologies are developing in the pharmaceutical sector to streamline important. With the use of cutting-edge digital platforms, electronic batch record (EBR), big data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI), the sector is undergoing a transition.  

Thank you everyone, for joining “ISPE Indonesia seminar: Facing pharma industry trends 2023” on 23 February 2023. More than 100 participants joined this seminar which was a great success for us and ISPE Indonesia. We hope you all gained valuable insights that help shape a clear direction of your company. 

During our session on “Business case for Electronic batch record”, Manuh Pitasari, Factorytalk products & services manager, provided the key points from the session: 

  • Pharma companies are aware of problems caused by paper system and how EBR can solve these problems 
  • It is difficult to justify investing in EBR because 
  • Data for ROI calculations are not readily available  
  • Can quantify tangible savings when the data are available 
  • GxP and Data Integrity Compliance is still seen as a burden and lower interest to invest beyond a minimum. 
  • It is important to quantify savings/tangible benefits of implementing EBR as well as intangible benefits and cost of non-compliance 
  • Lack of affordable EBR solution  
  • Modern Cloud EBR becomes an affordable solution option 
  • New approach on digitization and new technology options lowering the barriers for adoption  

During the break, we would like to thank you for participants to visit our booth to experience the live demo and join our fun games. We hope you would enjoy and inspire your business journey. 

We are looking forward to seeing you next time! 

Download Presentation File

Download Presentation File

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