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ISPE Malaysia: Path to Pharma4.0: Manufacturing & Quality

Name of Event: 2019 Education Seminar Series: Path to Pharma 4.0: Manufacturing and Quality
Date of Event: 12 Feb 2019
Location of Event: Bangi Resort Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Number of Persons Attending: 25 person from 10 large companies, senior regulators, university professors.
Host:  ISPE Malaysia

Mr David Holt and Dr. Anthony Margetts of Factorytalk ran a series of lectures and demonstrations about Pharma 4.0 during a one day meeting organized for ISPE Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday 12 February.

The full-day event covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to Industry 4.0, and the relevance and reasoning behind the emergence of Pharma 4.0
  • Detailed explanation of the Pharma 4.0 concept and direction
  • An account of the enabling technologies propelling these concepts to take off
  • A closer look at OSD manufacturing, where common mistakes are and where assistance from 4.0 technology is already helping, and other ways it could
  • 2 real Factorytalk case studies, 1 with a top 5 global pharma company in a UK site, and another in a mid-size Asean OSD manufacturer
  • Path to 4.0 for Big Pharma vs ASEAN Pharma
  • Practical steps to creating a company program
  • Keeping quality up to speed (Quality 4.0)

To read a detailed report of the event CLICK HERE

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